Historic Preservation

Historic preservation demands a restoration contractor that is not only skilled and efficient in the restoration process but has the ability to understand the historical architectural significance, original craftsmanship techniques, and a sense of enthusiasm to restore building and revitalize their use. Certistruct. is dedicated to preserving the craftsmanship and vision of the original constructor. On historical preservation projects, our primary objective is focusing on rehabilitation and adaptive reuse of historical structures.

With today’s urban growth and changing economic patterns, we cannot save every architectural fragment from the past. We must strive to implement a blend of old and new to our building community.

At Certistruct. we recognize these essential components that it takes to successfully complete historic restoration projects. Our restoration contractors are craftsmen that have developed into true artisans who take pride in their ability and approach each project with a commitment to quality. To preserve, conserve and protect these pieces of American history.

Our expertise in historic preservation includes:

  • Repoint of historical mortar joints
  • Rebuild deteriorated masonry
  • Stone Restoration
  • Terra Cotta Restoration
  • Building exterior cleaning
  • Install restoration anchors
  • Masonry Restoration
  • Replace crumbling / spalled brick

Certistruct. has a long history and a resume reflecting many successful historic preservation projects. We handle every project with the care and integrity that went in to building the original structure. Historic preservation of a building is a specialty trade which we take very seriously.

Trust the craftsman at Certistruct. for all your historic preservation