Demolition Contractor

Redevelopment and revitalization services are necessary for certain areas to maintain an economic balance. Certistruct works with all types of building materials and can create a clean slate for new developments and projects. Revitalizing neighborhoods and business areas draws in more people and increases economic output. Commercial and Residential land development is an important aspect to any community.


Certistruct offers expert demolition and revitalization services that embody the vision of the developers and safety that is necessary to get the job done. Working with concrete structures of all sizes, we prove our ability to tackle any project. Certistruct expert contractors in Central Florida is dedicated to beginning the wrecking process with reliable and safe demolition strategies. With demolition & wrecking often comes a large mess;

The expert demolition contractors at Certistruct have experience in lot and right of way clearing services. Lot clearing requires a large amount of time and effort, but our team can have the site ready for new development quickly and efficiently. Certistruct also specializes on right of way clearing for Florida roads and transportation routes. Whether it’s vegetation, utility lines or trees, Certistruct can remove the debris.