Aluminum Construction

Aluminum Contractor – Why Choose Aluminum

As an Aluminum Contractor, Aluminum Construction is something we know. We love building aluminum accessory structures, and all forms of enclosures. Whether it be a patio or a free-standing aluminum garage, Certistruct has you covered. Realizing the potential of your home often begins with an addition or modification of existing structure. We are capable of building both residential and commercial products. From carports and enclosed lanais to metal canopies and institutional covered walk-ways.

Aluminum Construction - Aluminum Contractor
Aluminum Construction – Carport – Certi-Struct Construction Co.

Here are some examples of services we provide:

  • Acrylic & Vinyl Construction –For all your aluminum & vinyl needs, Certi-Struct can build all types of aluminum projects that incorporate vinyl and arcrylic. In Leesburg Florida a lot of customers will look to this type of construction for: Aluminum & vinyl rooms with tinted, or clear windows. Typically these Florida rooms incorporate the use of vinyl. We Prefer the use of vinyl sliding windows for their open-air feel.
  • Florida Shutters & Florida Awnings – Certistruct offers many configurations of awnings and shades. The use of shades or a canopy block out most of the blinding Florida sun, while letting in enough light to provide visibility in the space. let delicate regular light in while sifting through harming, vitality sapping UV beams. Our frameworks are accessible in a scope of creator styles, hues, and plans sure to suit your home and way of life.
  • Carports & Patio Covers – We build everything. Garages, yard / patio covers, and many styles of carports. The materials we use are made to last, making them proper for use with any home. Built to specifics of the related Florida codes, our structures are built with any regional or HOA codes in mind. Carports and patio covers can be built in many different styles.

Styles can include:

  • Industrial Carports
  • Airplane Hangar Types
  • Pergola Type Carports
  • Park Packages
  • Mobile Home Carports – Mobile Home Packages (Carport, Storage, Concrete Slab)
  • A-Frame Style Carports
  • Vertical Style Carports
  • Standard Open Style Carports
  • Sonoran Style Carports
  • Mohave Style Carports
  • San Tan Style Carports
  • Teton Style Carports
  • Commercial Carports
  • Custom Carports made to spec

Rooftop panels are made in various thicknesses, and come with and without protected assurance. Fascia and drains can be, and often are included to increase the capacity of appropriating storm drainage and water. Post Supports and segments on your new Florida garage, carport, parking canopy or secured porch are always engineered to last.

  • Sunrooms / Florida Rooms – A sunroom is a room with one distinct purpose, lots of windows to let in the natural beauty and light. Sunrooms highlight the beauty outside and often can be a tool to bring the indoors inside.Florida sunrooms and can be a lovely expansion of your home. With sunrooms you can have a view of the outdoors while being protected from the Florida weather, pollen, and atmospheric conditions. A Florida sunroom can enhance the current design of your home while adding a space to escape the summer heat. Any way you see it, your house will look great with the added open outdoor views.
  • Screen rooms –A screen room is a great way to establish a space that is free from all of the insects outside. A Florida screen room is a great way to create an open air connection to the outside. Great for cookouts or just enjoying the weather without all the gnats and flies. Screen rooms can also be a valuable investment for your home as an added feature.
  • Retractable screens – Able to blend with any architectural style, retractable screens can be used in both residential and commercial applications. Retractable screens offer the best of both worlds – uninterrupted views and natural ventilation combined with protection from insects and harsh glare of the sun. Retrofit retractable fly screens, offer the perfect fusion of style and cutting-edge technology for your home and beyond. We can install innovative screen solutions for french, bi-fold and sliding stacking doors and windows, as well as pillar-less corners, and large difficult-to-screen openings. We can also install balcony screen, patio screen and outdoor privacy screen solutions.
  • Do you have a pool? Many homeowners have found value in building a pool enclosure. A pool enclosure can enhance your home pool and patio area by:
    • keeping the bugs on the outside
    • keeping debris and falling leaves out
    • adding a valuable selling point to future homeowners