How To Find The Best Local Construction Company?

Hiring a Local Construction Company can seem like a really tough decision. Here in central Florida, there are builders galore that service Lake, Marion, and Sumter counties due to The Villages ever expanding footprint. A focus on production work is completely different than the aftermarket arena.

Here Are Some Tips For Hiring A Local Construction Company:

The worst thing you can do is pick someone from the Yellow Pages without researching them first. The easiest and one of the best ways to select a possible contractor is to get references from friends , family or a Realtor you trust. As with most things, courtesy, respect, punctuality and the ability to communicate are some of the most important attributes a contractor can have next to their basic competency . There are different levels of both knowledge and implementation that contractors can achieve. A builder can have all the experience in the world, but this can easily be muddled by something as simple as lack of cleanliness or punctuality. Then comes the question:

How much is my construction project going to cost?

The bigger the job, the more effort you should put in to finding the right contractor. One strategy is to hire them to do a small job and see how it goes. In general , however , you find a Local Construction Company the same way you find a doctor, lawyer, or other professional whom you have to trust is competent and reliable. To make an informed decision and to feel good about your contractor choice, a little preliminary research is required.

How do I know my home (or project) is going to be right?

Neighbors, coworkers , and friends are probably your best, and most trustworthy , resource to find a reliable local and knowledgeable construction team. Before making a decision, be sure to get a least three different quotes from prospective contractors .

A local reliable contractor will be able to assess , identify , and explain the best construction or contracting options in your area specific to your home . It is best to approach your search for a Local Construction Company with a set of ideas as to what you want and need with new home renovations .

General contractors and most subcontractors should be licensed, although the procedure varies by state and municipality. Most medium and large construction jobs are handled by a general contractor or GC. The general contractor may be called a builder, building contractor, remodeling contractor, etc. In general, he purchases the materials, hires the tradespeople, and brings in subcontractors to get the work done. The subcontractors are responsible to the general contractor, not to you, the owner. A general contractor or builder is a company that will construct a major renovation project or build a new home and hires all the individual specialty subcontractors.

What Does A General Contractor Do?

The General Contractor is the overall coordinator of a larger project and typically does not provide the labor to build the house. On a new home or large home repair or renovation project, these subs may include the excavator, concrete sub, rough framing carpentry crew, roofer, plumber, mechanical ( HVAC ) electrician, finish carpenter, painter, flooring, etc. The subcontractors make their money by charging for labor and by marking up material. Installing kitchen cabinets, knocking down a wall or tiling the bathroom is simple compared with the struggle of hiring a quality contractor who will perform at a high level from start to finish. Even for experienced home renovators, hiring a contractor can feel a lot like gambling.

Can’t I just hire out the sub-contractors myself?

Homeowners with renovation experience do sometimes work as their own general contractors, hiring specific tradespeople for each job. This has also contributed in the rise of unlicensed contractors and jobsites. After you create a shortlist of contractors, narrow down your list by calling and asking the contractors for their license numbers and certificates of insurance. All contractors, regardless of the state in which they operate, are required to have a business license and insurance coverage. Having a business license number will allow you to contact your local municipality and determine whether the contractor is legally in business, while the certificate of insurance will ensure that the contractor is covered in the event anything goes wrong.

Anything else to be concerned with when hiring a construction company?

Good contractors should carry both workers comp and liability insurance through their business. At this point, your list should have around six to eight names. The specific licenses or certifications your home improvement contractor should carry will depend on the project. Since legal requirements vary by state , call the licensing division for your community to ask for specific requirements . In addition to making sure contractors have the correct licenses and certification to complete the job safely and legally , make sure anyone on your list has liability insurance in case they damage your home .