Enclosing A Screen Lanai

The Top Improvement Done to Homes in The Villages:

Although we serve all of central Florida, enclosing porches and lanais are some of the most carried out projects in The Villages. Since many of the homes are situated close to the edges of their lots, the villages began to consider ways to maximize their space while remaining within the graces of the architectural review committee.

The Villages Architectural Review Process

When a homeowner decides they want to make a change. The first step that must be taken before beginning the planning phase is to get a copy of your site-plan and see if your grand idea is going to fit on your plot of land. Once this is determined, a plan must be drafted to submit to the committee for approval.

IF you would like to save yourself a headache and many trips to the ARC offices, this is best left to consulting with a professional.

Is Spring a Good Time To Build

The summer is fast approaching. Many of our clients have found a way to take refuge from the heat, while creating living space and value to their home. If you are lucky enough to have a lanai, and are considering increasing your livable space, it may be easier than you thought.

Many customers choose to keep the scenic view that their screened lanai affords by enclosing it with large windows and sliding doors. This way they keep the cool breeze of a screened lanai in the fall and winter months, and when the temperature rises in the summer the doors are shut to provide a conditioned space.

Some of today’s A/C units will allow you to cool in zones. Though this may be the case. If you decide to enclose your lanai, the extra sqft added to conditioned space may be too much for your current system to handle. In such a situation, you have two options…upgrade the AC, and put in a mini split.