About Us

Who Is CertiStruct Construction?

Michael Lynch is a General Contractor CGC1522596, and owner of CertiStruct Construction Co. Michael has spent most of his life in the construction industry. As such, he has gained invaluable experience in all areas of site preparations and construction. His experience is translated into unmatched attention to detail and quality workmanship.

CertiStruct is a licensed General Contracting company in the state of Florida. We build everything from accessory structures and aluminum applications to full-scale commercial shopping centers. From the initial site preparations to the finishing touches, we are an all-inclusive company for both residential and commercial construction.

What does A General Contractor Specialize In?

If you would like to see some of CertiStruct’s completed projects, click on the link below. It is not inclusive of all of the jobs we have accomplished, but serves as a good introduction to our work. Feel free to click around to learn more about us. If you have any questions, or would like to see about scheduling a quote, contact us.

General Contractor – Pre-Construction

CertiStruct offers master destruction and rejuvenation benefits that exemplify the vision of the engineers and home-owner that is an essential to the design build process. The master contractual workers at CertiStruct have involvement with land parcel preparation, and lot right of way clearing. Lot clearing requires a lot of heavy equipment, time. and exertion, yet our group can have the site prepared for new home additions, home improvements, or commercial development rapidly and proficiently.


CertiStruct Construction Co., is a full-administration General Contractor company that works on a wide assortment of open and private business building types that include: instructive offices, town halls, confinement offices, recreational offices, emergency clinics and human services, cutting edge and mechanical offices, avionics and aviation, government bases and national research centers, and infrastructure.